16 Reasons You Should Use A Car Cover

16 Reasons You Should Use A Car Cover

Growing up, I had a certain impression about car covers. I had thought that car covers were only used by elderly men, who could never get anybody around them to understand why they love their classic muscle cars so much and pampered their cars more than then they would to even their own children. Now I haven’t reached my elderly years, but I have changed my mind about car covers. I no longer think they are unnecessary accessories made for those who would lose sleep over the thought that their “precious” automobile could get a scratch while their eyes were closed.

Now, before you start thinking I’m a flip-flopper let me explain. At a certain time in my life, I had no other choice but to keep my car in a garage crowded with tools, equipment and even sometimes children. It was so obvious that this situation was a problem waiting to happen, that I wasn’t the only person thinking it. I didn’t really have a solution to it but a friend of mine noticed and suggested that I buy a car cover. I followed my friend’s advice and purchased a car cover from carcovers.com

Through the years that I have been using a car cover I have found it beneficial whether or not my car has been parked inside or outside and through all four seasons. I’m going to tell you the top reasons that you should own and start using a car cover and you will see why there’s many reasons to use a car cover besides the fact that it looks fancy.

Prevention of Scratches Due To Passers-By

car scratch

My favorite winter jacket for many years had a zipper on the sleeve and every time I walked past my car, I would hear a ting and instantly, I would know I just caused another scratch and eventually over time it would build up to cause a noticeable eye-sore. This is one way I remember my car being scratched but there are plenty of ways, somebody walking past your car could accidentally scratch it. A person, especially a child or elderly person could easily trip and fall, possibly hurting themselves and leaving their mark on your car as well. There are also many people that outfit themselves with metal accessories at their waistlines, from cell phones on clips, to keys and big clunky metal key-rings, I no longer have to worry about someone walking past my car and accidentally scratching it.

Prevention of Revenge Scratches

revenge scratch

Thankfully, nobody has ever been angry enough at me to deliberately scratch my car. Based on keyed-car pictures that seem to be endlessly circulating the internet, it seems as though I have been fortunate. With a car cover, I never have to think that a disgruntled person can take out their frustrations by defacing my automobile. Defiant teenagers with free-spirits, spray cans, and a desire for a creative outlet, will never look at my car and see it as a potential canvas. Whether or not putting sugar into a car’s gas tank actually disables the vehicle, I truthfully don’t know and I’m happy to say that I won’t ever be the subject of someone else’s experiment to find out.

Bird Poop Be Gone

bird poop on car

Whenever I’m driving down the highway and notice a car with big patches of bird poop covering the driver’s window, I’m so happy that’s not me. This is something that has happened to me in the past and it really gave me anxiety, driving around hoping that nobody would recognize me through the thick globs of bird poop on my window. It also made me wish I had more spare time in the morning before I had to leave for work.


garage clutter

If you’re going to be storing your car for long time or storing it somewhere with airborne debris having a car cover will probably make you feel better about it. Just imagine peeling back your cover and seeing the same shine as the minute you parked it. Now compare that to getting into a car covered with dust or sawdust. Garages are places teeming with hazards. From children running, to tools hanging overhead, there are so many ways for your car to get scratched.

No Rust Worries

car rust

If you’re running an antique vehicle or plan on keeping your vehicle for a considerable amount of time, rust has to be a concern. Especially if you live in a northeastern state in the United States or another region that experiences a significant winter, rust is practically inevitable. Keeping your car covered when not in use is a great way to reduce a risk of your car rusting. After all, exposure to air and water are the main causes of rusting.


wind car damage

Wind may seem completely harmless but it does wreck it’s share of havoc on our automobiles. Wind kicks up dirt,small pebbles, leaves and branches slamming them into your car. It just causes needless wear and tear over time.

Sun Damage

oxidation car damage

UV rays from the sun cause oxidation to car’s paint and car’s windows. Luckily, when a car’s paint is faded due to damage from the sun, it can be restored to a reasonable extent using a clear coat restoration product. Unfortunately, when the sun does damage to windows there is no easy fix. I have tried to help friends many times over the years to correct oxidized windows. I have yet to find a solution. It’s much more convenient to prevent oxidation damage before it happens and keeping your car covered when it’s parked outside it realistically the only way.

Tree Sap

If you thought your car was save parked under a nice shady tree, you have been mistaken. Tree sap is another environmental hazard that is excruciating to remove. While it is possible to remove tree sap, which usually appears like stains on your car’s paint, it can be extremely difficult to get rid off once it has bonded to your car’s paint. I spent several years of my youth working at a hand-wash car wash/detail center and tree sap along with oxidation were among my top nemeses.


pollen car damage

Pollen may be the one agent that could make springtime less enjoyable. It’s simply annoying to find your car covered in thick green film seemingly no matter where you park it. This is especially annoying if you are someone that washes your car regularly and know that your just-washed shine will be spoiled by the end of the day.

Snow Salt

snow salt car

Snow salt is essentially the pollen of the winter. If there’s salt on the road your car is going to have salt marks. You know those bright white patches on the bottom half of your car. Snow salt keeps car washes very busy during the winter and drivers leave the car wash just to find new salt marks by the time they get home. Snow salt is actually more troublesome for your car than pollen because even though pollen looks bad, snow salt is actually a contributing factor to the rusting process. While car covers are not going to help you while you are actively driving, they will help you when your car is not in use.

Prevent Car Doors From Freezing Shut

car doors frozen

It may seem inevitable for car doors to occasionally freeze shut during the winter. This does not make for fun when you need to leave for work and your car door will not open. In fact, this situation is dreadful when you’re making yourself late for work by standing outside all morning trying to figure out how to pry open your car door. There can be two main reasons why this happens. Most likely water was able to collect in your door jam, where the door makes contact to the vehicle while closed. There could also be an issue with the key hole. You can forget this nightmare by keeping your car covered at night, just saying. A car cover will also bypass the need for you to use a scraper on your car windows on a cold, early morning.

Keeping Your Cool During Hot Summer Months

In the summer months, getting into your car on a hot day typically offers no relief from the heat. Often times, it’s equivalent to stepping into an oven. Burning yourself on metal fixtures is no fun and getting sticky ruins your preparation for the day out. It’s also bothersome to women trying to combat frizzy hair. A nice, reflective car cover redirects sun from your car keeping it cool so you and your passengers don’t have to combat these issues.


car thief

A car can be stolen or robbed from just about anywhere. Having a car cover provides an extra deterrent for an otherwise thief that would be considering the idea of stealing your car. A thief is less likely to steal your car if he doesn’t know what underneath. My car cover also has a locking mechanism that would simply make an extra hassle for someone looking to hop in and get away quick without being noticed. I have also heard many stories of car being broken into when parked in the owner’s driveway, just to steal whatever items were left out on the dashboard and cup-holder. My own car was broken into once just for pocket change that I left out in my cup-holder. The thief didn’t even bother to look in my glove compartment where I had stored some cash. I feel safer now knowing that potential thieves can’t window shop by peeking into my car’s windows.

Keep Your Wax Fresh

car wax fresh

It is typically recommended for you to wax your car every 3 months. Many people opt to wax their car more frequently but I actually wax my car less. I usually wax my car 2-3 times per year. I wax at least once before winter, and once during spring. Wax helps your car paint stand up against oxidation from the sun and helps prevent against rust. Not to mention, a nice shiny coat of wax makes you feel special when cruising around. So why is it that I only need to wax my car twice a year when so many people find their cars bare after just a handful of weeks? That’s right, the answer is because I keep my car covered. Keeping my car covered when not in use prevents needless wear and tear so the wax is nice and fresh when I am driving it.

Pesky Bumper Scratches

car bumper scratch

We all try to keep our cars in the best condition possible. Many of us, especially those of us living in urban areas are forced to leave our cars parked on busy streets. No matter how careful we are we can’t control other drivers and this undoubtedly induces anxiety in all of us. There’s always situations where another driver thought they found “a perfect parking spot” only to find out they need to bump other cars while parking just to fit into the spot as they parallel park. We don’t even realize that our car now has extra scratches on our bumper until weeks or months later, much too late to say anything to the assailant. With a car cover, you don’t have to worry about new scratches on your bumper due to overambitious parallel parkers.

Platinum Shield Cover

As you can probably tell from my list of benefits, I am very happy that I decided to invest in a car cover. I found that it has benefited me, not only from my common garage hazards but also when keeping my car parked outdoors. I feel that the use of car covers pays dividends all year round. I was lucky to find a car cover that comes with a lifetime warranty and I do plan to use my cover for the duration of my lifetime.

Carcovers.com was the manufacturer/supplier that was recommended to me. Before purchasing, I checked around for reviews and felt comfortable when I saw thousands of glowing reviews. I was happy to see that the company is based within the United States and the cover arrived in a timely fashion (less than a week shipping time).

I chose to purchase the “Platinum Shield Cover” for my vehicle. My reasoning was that I wanted to be able to use the cover outdoors and indoors. I was happy that the cover isn’t black in color as black absorbs heat, whereas platinum reflects heat which is a nice feature in the summer. The fact that the Platinum Shield cover offers enhanced protection in comparison to other car covers from the sun, water, snow, and extra security measures is a nice bonus. Another reason I chose this model is because it comes with a lifetime warranty making this a great lifetime purchase. Ultimately, it costs only a few more dollars than the other option offers which made the decision an easy one.

If you are a shopper that scrutinizes costs and benefits while you shop, I applaud you. You will find that the “Platinum Shield Cover” pays for itself many times over when you calculate the number of car washes that you can skip due to the cover. This only gets compounded when you factor in saved costs due to the reduced need for long-term maintenance.

Another reason to tout carcovers.com is that their covers fit amazingly well. They make custom sizes for each make and model, factoring in the year of production and optional body styles. If you have aftermarket parts making your car bigger or altering it’s size, no problem. Just let them know when you make your purchase and they send an appropriate size cover.

I am confident that you will be as happy with your car cover as I am with mine.


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