The History of Mercedes-Benz Logo

The History of Mercedes-Benz Logo

Like most brand logos, the Mercedes logo has had some alterations as the company changed and grew over the years. The very earliest Mercedes logo was developed in 1902. This early logo was simply the word Mercedes in gray lettering inside of a black oval, with the black oval being outlined in gray.

first mercedes logo
1902 Mercedes logo

The first change of the Mercedes logo occurred in 1909. The Mercedes logo was completely changed and this in fact the largest change that the Mercedes logo has ever undergone. The Mercedes logo changed to a familiar three point star in 1909. This version of the three point star was gold in color. The concept of the star has an interesting backstory. Gottlieb Daimler had previously used this star on a postcard addressed to his wife in 1872 and used it to mark his house.  Gottlieb had stated that the this three pointed star would one day be the mark of manufacturing giant.

1909 Mercedes logo

According to Mercedes-Benz, the three points of the star are meant to signify the company’s dominance in engine-building through three modes of travel: by land, by air, and by sea. When the three point star was trademarked in 1909, a four point star was trademarked as well but the four point version was never used by the company.

1916 Mercedes logo

The next change to the Mercedes logo happened in 1916. The three pointed star was placed inside a red circle with the word “Mercedes” underneath.

1926 Mercedes-Benz logo

In 1926, Daimler(DMG) merged with Benz & Cie. Prior to this, it was DMG who produced Mercedes cars. Up until that point, the Benz logo had consisted of the word “Benz” within a circle and a laurel wreath with one laurel extending upward on each side of the outlining circle. Since these two companies merged, they merged their logos. The new logo had features of both the Mercedes logo as well as the Benz logo. The three pointed star from Mercedes models was placed in the center of a circle and the Benz laurel wreath was placed along the outer edges of the circle. The word “Mercedes” was placed above the three point star and the word “Benz” was placed beneath the three point star.

In 1933, the Mercedes-Benz logo underwent a significant change. In 1933, the laurel wreath was removed and the color of the three point star was changed to black.

2008 Mercedes-Benz logo

In 2008, the logo at the radiator was changed to silver. This was to commemorate the participation of Mercedes in the Grand Prix of 1934 in which Mercedes finished in second place.  


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