Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Driving plays a significant part in many of our lives. The average American spends over 100 minutes per day driving. Not only is driving time consuming but it is also thought consuming. While driving we have to remain constantly alert to be sure that we remain aware of any hazards on the road as well as making sure that our vehicles our being operated safely and that we are following the rules of the roads. This only gets compounded when our loved ones are driving, especially when our teens become of age to begin driving.

Many of us lose sleep wondering and hoping that our loved ones arrive to their destinations safely, and that the vehicles that they are driving helped them get there continue to function properly. Parents lose thousands of hours of sleep worrying about their teen drivers on the road. Constant phone calls and text messages just doesn’t cut it.

I’m here to tell you, there’s a better way…

The most effective solution is to use Bouncie to monitor your vehicle. Bouncie is a smart app that allows you track your vehicle. You can now feel safe, knowing the whereabouts of your vehicle, how it is being handle, and be notified if problems occur.


  • GPS Location
  • Geo-Circles
  • Speed Bands
  • Alerts
  • Diagnostics
  • Fuel/Battery
  • History

GPS Location:

GPS location allows you to view the location of your vehicle at any time.


Geo-circles allows you to set parameters on a map and be notified whenever your vehicle enters or leave your set parameters.

Speed Bands:

Speed bands allow you to monitor how fast your vehicle is moving, right from your phone.


Bouncie’s alerts allow you to set convenient alerts for pertinent information. This includes speed, acceleration, and braking.


Diagnostics notify you if the engine light turns on and interprets what the problem is.


Bouncie allows you to monitor the fuel level and battery status.


Bouncie allows you to build a driving history which enables you to analyze your vehicle’s record and can even help you when it is time to sell your vehicle.

Concerns Over Teen Drivers

You are completely justified to be concerned about your teens driving. Teenagers get into more car accidents than drivers of any other age. In fact 20% of 16 year old drivers get into an accident within their first year of driving. Bouncie allows you to monitor how your teens are driving and discuss driving habits without the need to be confronted with tickets or auto accidents.


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