Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement

You’re driving along on the highway and suddenly hear a loud crash only to discover a stray pebble jumped up and cracked your windshield. Now you’re stuck wondering your best course of action. If you leave it, it’s liable to crack more, lead to an unsafe driving experience and possibly even lead to tickets. Most insurance does not cover cracked windshields so what should you do?

Windshield Self Repair Kits

Windshield self repair kits can easily be found on Amazon or at a local auto parts store. These typically consist of high strength glue and possibly clear tape. You will need to clean the area with acetone, then make sure the surface is dry and fill the crack with the glue. This is not an option if the crack is long, and it still may spread.

Having Your Windshield Replaced

The best course of action, is to have the windshield replaced. I know it can be a big annoyance to find proper services and pay out of pocket for a problem that you did not cause yourself. Often times, car dealerships overcharge and it can be difficult to find qualified experts in your area. I recommend using to find local experts. is a free service that supplies you with five quotes from local experts at the same time. You still have to spend your time and money replacing your windshield, but at least with a new one, you can be confident that your safety is at the highest level, the way the automobile was designed and intended to be.

Replacing A Windshield Yourself

It’s probably not going to be worth your time or energy to install your own windshield but just in case your interested what’s involved, I’ll give you a brief rundown. First you have to remove any molding around your windshield. Then you have to use a razor to cut your current windshield away from the welding and urethane holding it in place. Then you sand any excess welding/urethane. You put the new windshield in place and weld it, and use a caulking gun to apply new urethane. You may also need to install new windshield clips. There’s really more ways to go wrong in this process, then to find success. For that reason, I highly recommend using to find local experts.


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